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That’s right! Flat Rate Fox Cities News is a great resource for helpful plumbing tips to DIY informational and educational articles and videos!  If you are looking for information and/or plumbing news or plumbing tips, you’ll want to bookmark this page for sure! Here’s an excerpt from one of our latest tips! See an excerpt below on a question someone sent in.

What is hard water?

Almost all of the water found in the United States is hard water, to varying degrees. Hard water is water that is contaminated with dissolved minerals like calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, lead, and limestone. These minerals can have a negative impact on your health, household appliances, and your pocketbook.

When considering a water softener for your home, it is important to know the hardness levels and composition of your water. Using hard water test strips, found at most hardware stores, you can quickly evaluate your water to ensure proper sizing when selecting a water softener.

appleton plumber installs water softener


Trenchless Sewer Repair

As most homeowners know, water line and sewer repair is necessary at some point.  Broken, eroded or cracked pipes happen. While you may be lucky and only need minor repairs, some homes may require a complete repiping! These types of repairs are not only costly, but...

Toilet Technology

Every so often, you come across an innovation so mind-blowingly convenient and it makes you think, “How did I ever live without this?”  I imagine the first people with indoor toilet felt this way, or better yet, the first users of a flushing toilet.  But while we have...

5 Plumbing Inspection Tips for Home Buyers

The long process of buying a home is coming to a close – you’re financing is in place, you’ve scouted and toured homes – and you’ve finally found the perfect one! All that’s left before closing is your inspection.  Having a certified home inspector go thru the home is...

Prevent Basement Flooding

Although it may not feel like it, spring is here.  And in Wisconsin, our spring can mean torrential downpours, snow, or sunshine….sometimes all in one afternoon.  This can mean overtime for sump pumps and flooding basements.  Under these circumstances, prevention is...

Noisy Pipes

Houses make sounds.  Quite a few sounds.  Generally, you get used to them.  You tune out the heat kicking in or that one floor board that always creaks. Sometimes, household noises start to change – and when they are the result of plumbing issues, ignoring them can be...

Causes of Discolored Water

What are the causes of discolored water? Cloudy or milky water: Occasionally tiny air bubbles become suspended in your water.  This may result in a cloudy or milky look. In reality, the bubble are so small that they’re almost invisible to the naked eye, but together...

Plumbing Mistakes Homeowners Make

Appleton, WI, December 28, 2015:  Everyone has experienced plumbing problems; and throughout the lifetime of your home, those problems are bound to happen again.  A local plumbing company, through their informational hub, wants to educate homeowners on how to repair,...

How to Choose a Toilet

Any Appleton plumber will tell you – not all toilets were created equal!   When replacing your toilet, consider it an investment; it’s one of the most important items in your house.  Let us show you how to choose a toilet that will fit your budget, your design, and...